Are Go Karts Safe to Drive in Rain?

Go Karts in RainWhile the majority of driving is performed inside, some tracks are also located outside; and therefore, are subject to the weather conditions. Some say it is almost impossible to drive well in the wet weather, but don’t believe everything that people say, at least until you’ve tried it. It’s actually not that hard to drive in the rain. Not only is it easy, it is 100% safe once you know what you’re doing.

The best way to learn how to drive your kart safely in wet weather is to simply practise. Many people believe it’s not safe as they tend to fly around a corner and spin out. You need to practise throttle control when going round a corner in wet weather. Too much throttle and you’ll spin out, too little and you’ll lose the race.

When braking, rather than slowly putting pressure on the brake; just slam it down for a short amount of time, literally a split second. Just tap the brakes firmly, this will give you a good estimation about how much grip you have before going round any corners.

Adjusting your weight can also help, depending on how sharp the corner is. This is because go karts are very light, and you have a huge effect on the weight distribution, as you only weigh a little bit less than the go kart. Therefore, by leaning forward and side to side, not only can you pick up more speed and avoid spinning out, but you’ll be able to have a much more enjoyable experience.

By following these tips, you’ll be significantly more successful in the rain. This will help you to win, and will also give you that added confidence if you ever have to ride in the rain.