Are There Any Height Restrictions?

Go Kart Height RestrictionUnfortunately, with go karts, there are height restrictions. This all depends on the adjustability of the seat in the particular go kart, along with the safety restrictions. Usually there will be a minimum height, and a maximum height for each type of go kart at your local track.

The minimum height is usually around 5ft, which most people will meet. This is simply because if you are shorter, you will not be able to reach the pedals; which can be a problem! The maximum height is usually around 6ft 6”, however this isn’t to say that people taller than this can’t ride. The maximum height is usually just a guideline, as tall people will have significantly reduced comfort than smaller people.

Another reason is, that taller people also tend to be wider, and therefore may struggle to fit into the seat of the go kart, which is also a problem.

So tracks may also enforce height limits for security reasons. This is usually due to overhead obstacles, such as signs and traffic lights – this can rule out some taller people from participating, merely for health and safety reasons. Also, the taller you are – the easier it is for you to fall/lean out of the go kart, which can be incredibly dangerous, and even fatal in some cases.

So, there you have it. If you are between 5ft and 6ft 8”, you shouldn’t have a problem at any track you decide to visit. However, it is always worth checking your local track website or calling them, just to check what their height limits are. It can be incredibly disappointing to turn up to the track on your race day, only to find out that you exceed or do not meet the height limits. Height limits are enforced due to insurance, and to keep you and all the other racers safe.