Can Go Karts Flip Over?

Flipped Go KartNope, they cannot! Go karts are incredibly safe especially due to this fact. They simply cannot flip over, but why can’t they?

Go karts cannot flip over, under normal circumstances, because they have a low centre of gravity. This means that you would have to get the centre of the gravity outside the surface area of the go kart in order to flip it, which is almost impossible no matter how sharp you take a turn! The fact that they are extremely low to the floor only helps them not to flip over.

However, if you take them out of their comfort zone, then they can be flipped. To flip a go kart, simply try taking one off road! Even small bumps can send a go kart flying because they have no suspension.

In a dune buggy, which has suspension, hitting small bumps is no problem as the suspension absorbs the majority of the shock, however, if you hit the same bump in a go kart… Well, the shock simply runs through the whole go kart, and can send it “jumping” into the air for a split second. This is also partly due to the small wheels, which can break the steering column if the wheel is forcibly turned by hitting an obstacle.

So there you have it, if you use your go kart like it is designed to be used, then you’ll have no problems. However, if you decide to push your go kart to the limit by taking it off the road, then you may experience a few problems! Even off the road, you’d still have to be pretty unlucky to manage to flip it.