Difference Between a Dune Buggy and Go Kart

Dune Buggy Go Kart DifferenceWhile dune buggies and go karts are both vehicles that are primarily used in sports, or as a hobby – they are pretty different. Let’s quickly run through some key differences.

  • Dune buggies are designed mainly for off road use, because of this, they tend to have durable steel roll cages. This allows the passengers and driver to be safe if the vehicle rolls over. Go karts do not have roll cages, as they have a low center of gravity, meaning it is extremely hard to roll a go kart over.
  • Dune buggies are designed for off road use and thus have a suspension, which protects the chassis, and makes for a more comfortable ride when driven on a rough terrain. Go karts do not need suspension, as they are not designed for off-road use, and are only driven on a smooth asphalt.
  • Go karts are also much lower to the floor when compared to dune buggies, as this allows them to have a lower center of gravity, which significantly improves the performance. Dune buggies need to be higher off the ground. Otherwise, they would become stuck when driving on an uneven or rough terrain.
  • Go karts have typically less power than dune buggies. Go karts tend to have significantly less powerful engines than dune buggies, which possess a lot more power. This is because the extra power is needed when moving up the hill, which go karts do not really need.

As you can see, there is a lot of differences between the two vehicles. Some people say dune buggies are just off road versions of go karts – which they technically are. However, dune buggies are much larger, heavier and durable, as they have to cope with the rough terrain.