Go Kart Age Restrictions

Go Kart Age RestrictionsFor electric go karts, which are also incredibly fast, but are powered by electric instead of gas – you usually have to be around eight to drive it. However, this is all at the discretion of the track manager. At eight, you’ll be able to drive electric karts only (most of the time), which are still really powerful! Many people actually prefer electric, rather than any other type of karts. They are much more consistent, and can provide an enormous amount of power almost instantaneously.

The minimum age varies quite a lot when it comes to gas go karts. Usually, you have to be 16. The reason behind it is to reach the legal driving age, even though you don’t need to have a driving license. Many tracks will need you to bring a proof of age, as it is incredibly important that you are over 16, as gas go karts can be extremely dangerous at times. However, this can vary track to track, so make sure to double check on their website before taking the drive out there!

Unfortunately, many tracks may strictly enforce their age restrictions. Many also require you to go through a 30-minute training session before letting you loose on the track, which can bring costs even higher as you will be spending, even more, time behind the wheel. The training procedure typically goes through safety, how to drive a go kart, what to do in the event of an emergency or how to enter and exit a corner properly. While this training procedure can be quite handy for brand new racers, it is unnecessary for many veteran go kart drivers.