How Fast Can a Go Kart Go?

Fast Go KartThe maximum speed of your go kart depends on a huge variety of factors. This includes:

  • The weight of the Kart: The lower the weight of the kart, the faster it will be able to accelerate, and therefore it will be able to go faster if there is less weight.
  • The weight of the Driver: As said above, the lower the weight of the driver, the more efficient the engine will be, allowing the go kart to go much faster.
  • Engine Size: The larger the engine, the faster the kart will be able to go. This doesn’t mean physical size; we mean power output. So a 20hp engine will be able to go much faster than a 5hp engine.
  • Track Conditions: The drier and smoother the track, the faster you will be able to go safely. This is because when there is water on the track, you will have less traction – which means it is easier to accidentally spin out on the track, which can be dangerous and cause a collision.
  • Air Resistance: The more air resistance, the slower the kart will go. The force from the engine must exceed the force of the air resistance to accelerate, and the greater the difference between the two forces, the faster you’ll go.

There you have it. Usually, “super karts” can reach speeds of around 160mph whereas smaller go karts that are intended for the general public are often limited to anywhere between 40 and 60mph. This is for safety reasons. Don’t fear, though, 40 – 60mph is fast enough in a little go kart, and you’ll feel like you’re going much faster due to the kart only being a few centimetres away from the ground, compared to the massive ground clearance you are used to when driving a car.