How to Be as Fast as Possible?

Rocket Go KartNow that you’ve got into the go kart racing, you’re itching to get faster and faster in the races, right? Let’s get straight into it; we’ll give you some tips to help you get faster and faster around the track, and beat all your fellow racers.

  • Make sure you’re comfortable. If your helmet isn’t comfortable, try and get a different size! If you’re not comfortable, then you’ll be distracted. Making sure that you’re sat properly is also a very good idea, your legs should bend slightly, with your feet only just reaching the pedals. Many go karts have adjustable seats, which makes this a breeze.
  • Many people believe that the stronger they push the throttle, the faster they’ll go. This isn’t entirely true! While it is true while driving down the straight stretches, it’s something completely different when you reach a corner. When that happens, you should let go of the throttle, and maybe even tap the brakes. On your way out of the corner you should accelerate, which will allow you to hit the racing line, rather than simply having to go round the outer side of the corner, as this will result in a longer route, and if you hit the racing line – you’re going to win.
  • You also need to be careful with the brakes. Many karts only feature rear brakes, meaning if you press them too hard, you’ll lose control, and the rear of the kart will begin to slide.
  • You need to get the kart as fast as possible around the corner, without losing grip. Therefore, if you go in with maximum power, you’ll lose the grip, and this will only slow you down. Whereas if you tap the brakes a split second before the turn, you’ll be able to fly around the corner without losing any grip.