How to Improve Your Lap Time

Improve Go Kart Lap TimeNow that you have realized you enjoy karting, it’s time to get practising so you can win all your races. This is easier said than done, I mean – go karting is simple, right? Wrong.

Go karting is awesome, I mean buying a car for racing can be incredibly expensive, but you need to prove that you are better than your friends in some way. Go karting is the answer! Let’s get right to it, how can you prove you are better than your buddies? Here are some tips:

  • Sitting Position: An excellent posture is the first step, always. This will give you much more control over the vehicle, which can be incredibly important when navigating around a tricky corner at high speed. Sit upright with your back straight, and your arms should be slightly bent.
  • The Track: Many tracks have a map which shows you the racing line around the course. It shows, for example, the ideal driving line, exact spots where to put some pressure on the brake and so on. Study the track map and don’t forget, that if you are heavier than average, you will need to brake a little sooner as it will take you longer to slow down. During your first lap, try to use the map to help you out and by the second lap, you should have an idea about when to brake and when to floor it.
  • Speed: Most tracks do not score each racer by where they are on the track in comparison to the other racers. Most tracks score each racer by how fast they complete laps, therefore hanging back on the first lap to get a clear track isn’t necessarily a bad idea, although your first lap time will be bad, your second lap time will be much faster due to having a clear track to work with.
  • Turning: Make sure to practise turning, you should brake and lift your foot off the gas just before the turn. This also depends on how fast you are going, and how sharp the corner is. Make sure to floor it as you leave the corner, and you’ll be able to shave seconds off your lap time.