What Are the Safety Requirements to Drive a Go Kart?

Go Kart Safety RequirementsEach track has its own list of rules that are specially tailored to keep you safe during a race. However, most of them are just common sense. Let’s take a look at some tips to keep you safe during a race:

  • Do not drink alcohol or use any drugs before you go, or during. This can be deadly, not only for you but to your fellow racers too. Do not put other people at risk!
  • Many tracks also require that you wear a helmet, even though this is just common sense. You don’t want to get any head injury from a go kart crash. Although they may be uncomfortable in some cases, you won’t be moaning about the comfort if you crash.
  • Although a go kart may have bumpers, they serve merely to protect the structural integrity of the kart in the event of a crash/collision. The bumpers are not there for you to bump into other racers because this can be incredibly dangerous and can cause a huge collision. Crashing into the back of other racers can also cause a whiplash, so don’t do that either.
  • Try and steer clear of the barriers, although this isn’t necessarily a rule, you don’t want to go flying into the barrier, trust me.
  • If you are pregnant, or suffer from any other severe health issues or have any problems with mobility or reactions – then it is best to avoid go karts completely.

There are many other safety requirements that we could talk about. However, you are better to discuss these with the owners of the tracks that you plan to visit.