What Are the Training Requirements to Drive a Go Kart?

Go Kart TrainingTypically, you need no training to drive the majority of go karts, at a registered track. However, many will require you to sign a waiver or pay insurance for your session.

The training requirements can all depend on which type of go kart you want to drive. Most electric go karts can be driven by anyone eight years old or above, as they are easy to drive, and it’s simply push and go. However, this does not apply to streets or regular driving. Many tracks also have go karts for smaller children too, which are less powerful and have speed limiters.

For gas go karts, it all comes down to the track you are visiting, and the power of the kart. Many tracks will allow anyone twelve years old or above to drive a gas go kart, with a signed waiver and insurance. However, some tracks tend to be more strict, and only allow people sixteen or above to drive their karts.

Some will even require a full driving license. This usually applies for the most powerful karts which can reach speeds of 120mph and above.

If you want to go out for a track day at your local track, or you fancy making the journey to track further away, then it is worth visiting their website or giving them a call to find out their specific requirements first. This is because requirements may vary a lot from track to track, and you don’t want to be disappointed when you get there.

Other tracks may have an induction system in place, where you will have to go through a short training session before you are let loose on the track, this is usually between ten minutes and half an hour and runs through the basics.

Or you can get your own go kart and drive whenever you want without any restrictions.